7 Reasons to Install a PVC Pergola in Your Home or Business

A PVC Pergola is a versatile feature that transforms the spaces where your clients, family, or friends can share the best experiences and create memories outdoors.

Installing a PVC Pergola in your home or business has incredible potential because it becomes the centerpiece of your terrace, patio, or garden. It is a versatile feature that transforms exterior spaces into those special places where your clients, family, or friends can share the best experiences and create memories outdoors.

In these times of pandemic and post-pandemic, we have learned to value ventilated places and the use of outdoor spaces much more than before. For this reason and many more, here are some more reasons why you should have a pergola on your property.

7 reasons for you to install a PVC pergola

  • They have thermal, acoustic, and electrical insulating properties. In addition, they are resistant to abrasion, and chemical, and atmospheric impacts.
  • They are flame-resistant and self-extinguishing.
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, and long-lasting.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning, just some water and a damp cloth.
  • They are resistant, functional, and adaptable to any space and architectural style. With a PVC pergola, you make the most of your exteriors and turn them into multifunctional spaces.
  • You take advantage of sunlight and benefit from the ventilation all while being protected against UV rays.
  • Thanks to their versatility and aesthetics, you can decorate them in different ways and even hang lights or chandeliers, creating the ability to completely personalize your spaces.
  • An extra point: Luxury Screens PVC Pergolas are compatible with tempered glass and glass with safety film. We also have fine wood-like finishes that provide a natural appearance.

At Luxury Screens, our team of expert architects safely installs our PVC Pergolas in your home or business. Without a doubt, they are a great opportunity that will make a difference in your property. Transform your spaces and give them the opportunity to be special.

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