10 tips for the interior design of your beach house

Luxury Screens

There are different factors that must be considered for the interior design of a beach house, such as its location, the type of land, and the positioning of the sun. Whether the house is located on an urbanized beach or a more rural beach, if it is facing the sea, has a view of the sea, or if it is further from the beach.

These are 10 tips for the interior design of your beach house:

  • The first thing to take care of is adequate ventilation and lighting. Ensure that the window placement provides ample cross ventilation so that the air circulates and is constantly being recycled, while also keeping in mind the need for natural lighting.
  • Try to make natural materials predominate, such as rattan, wicker, and wood furniture.
  • Use light or neutral colours to give a feeling of lightness and spaciousness, such as white or beige, and combine them with a contrasting colour such as blue.
  • Establish a focus of attention. If the house is facing the sea, this will be the focus of your decoration. The distribution of the interior decor should lead the eye towards the outside; As for the interior, it is recommended that it be a complement to the exteriors.
  • We recommend that the focal points of your beach house be centred on the terrace, the porch, the pool, the balconies, and the windows.
  • Install a pergola outside. This, without a doubt, will give extra value to your property and will help you open up new possibilities for your space and enjoy the outdoors, even on those extra warm days, where you can enjoy the beautiful view or the breeze.
  • Put window screens and door screens. Prevent mosquitoes, sand, and dust from collecting indoors, and thus enjoy your stay to the fullest.
  • Opt for an open concept indoors. For example, the kitchen connects directly with the dining room or living room, and both spaces have direct access to the terrace.
  • Add extra functionality to the outside. Set up a dining room or meeting room under a pergola. This space will be perfect for barbecues or gatherings with family or friends.
  • It is important that your decoration reflects your personality or whoever else might be living there. Keeping harmony with the environment.

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