2018 Could Be Hotter Than Ever

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There few who have doubts about the effects of climate change on our planet. Institute for Space Studies at NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA) agree that since 2010 the 5 hottest years in recorded history have been witnessed. And not surprisingly, the forecasts estimate that in 2018 the trend will continue.

While 2017 was categorized as the second warmest year in history since the beginning of records in 1880, with 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit above the average of 1951 to 1980; in 2018 it is estimated that the average temperature could be even higher by 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

And of course the difference is worrying because it can lead to extreme weather events that endanger the integrity and the heritage of millions of people; although the warmer climate may be enjoyable to some, this also serves as a an opportunity that we should not miss. 

Therefore it is important to adjust our house to be a space that we can enjoy even when the weather does not help us at all. A family meal in the open can be a disaster if there is unexpected rain or the sun is scorching, and so there are rentable solutions that protect us, but why should we reserve our spaces to enjoy them only when there are special occasions?

For example, when installing a Louvered Roof Rotating Pergola you can change the atmosphere of your open spaces, regulate the entrance of light and even close it completely so that the rain has no effect. Imagine having the perfect excuse to have breakfast in the garden or terrace without worrying about doing it hastily, or maybe stopping time for a few hours while enjoying the book that is keeping you company or changing your environment while you check the day’s emails at the office.

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