Add personality to your roof garden

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In Mexico, the construction of residential buildings has augmented as what happened with the population.

These buildings, in many areas of the country and mainly in Mexico City, are characterized by their big designs, finishing, and functionality in nearly every corner. 

Of course, the rooftops are no exception and in recent years we have witnessed how it is increasingly common to see a great and better use of these areas, which used to be only a place for water tanks, laundry rooms, and not much more.

Well, it is exactly these types of changes in constructions that can give them an added value. For example, putting a pergola in a roof garden will give you the opportunity to make the rooftop an exclusive and luxurious spot where you can share important moments with family and friends.

It is an ideal element that should definitely be taken into account to add to the roof garden, for the lounge or a place for sharing without worrying about inclement weather, in fact totally the opposite, with the capacity to generate a fresh area on a sunny day and remain dry and with the opportunity to be outside on rainy days.

At Luxury Screens we count on pergolas with PVC that perfectly adapt to your needs as well as the amount of space in where it will be hung, so that you can decide in which way you want it to be placed and how it should be used.

Whether you need decorative pergolas, rotating pergolas, or the latest Louvered Roof, they will be, without a doubt, the perfect solution for making your roof garden a more luxurious place and more opportunities for use.

Know more about the types of pergolas with Luxury Screens.