Air quality in your home


We tend to think of air contamination (smog and even dust) as something harmful to our health and bad for our family, especially if we live in an urban area. But the truth is the air within our homes, offices and other buildings could be even more contaminated than the air outside.

Luxury Screens offers 3 simple steps to improve the quality of the air inside your home:

1. Keep the floors clean

Using a vacuum can reduce the concentration of dust in your home. It can also clear toxins and other allergens such as pollen, pet dandruff and dustmites from the area. Use a vacuum cleaner with strong suction, gyrating brushes and a filter guaranteed to keep the dust and dirt from dispersing once it is in the tube. In areas of high traffic, vacuum the same place several times. Don't forget the walls, carpet edgings and fabric furnishings, where dust accumulates. To obtain better results, vacuum twice or more times a week and wash your filter on a regular basis.

2. Maintain a good level of humidity

Dust mites and mold love humidity. Maintaining your humidity levels to approximately 30%-50% helps to keep them under control. A dehumidifier (and air conditioner during the summer months) helps to reduce the level of humidity in the air indoors and effectively controls allergens.

3. Make your home smoke free

“Probably the most damaging to healthy indoor air is cigarrette smoke”, says Philip Landrigan, MD, Pediatrician and Director of the Children's Environmental Health Center of Nueva York. Cigarrette smoke contains more than 4 thousand noctious chemicals. Studies show that second hand smoke can increase the risk of developing respiratory infections, asthma, cancer and other ailments.

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