Benefits of a Pergola in the Garden

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A pergola is an outdoor cross-beamed frame without walls which provides a spacious, bright and welcoming space to relax, dine or just lounge.

Pergolas are generally stand-alone but can be attached to an adjoining building structure. You can also add latticework for more shade. Because they are an independent structure they can be separated from the wall without having any complicated connection between the house or between the ceiling and the pergola.

• A relaxing outdoor entertainment area
A garden pergola provides a welcome retreat from the sun, while at the same time letting in fresh air and natural light. You can use a pergola for outdoor activities such as in an elegant barbecue with family or friends, providing a comfortable space in a shaded area. You could also install a swing or just relax in a comfortable chair.

• A decorative garden element
Pergolas that are decorated with ornamental flowers like roses are the ideal way to add a beautiful element to your outdoor space. These structures are perfect for growing vines or climbing plants. The pillars and beams provide support for vines and ensure adequate sunlight for the plant.

• Value
The money you invest will be reflected in the comfort and enjoyment you get from optimizing your outdoor space. Furthermore, bettering your outdoor space will make your property more attractive if you wish to sell it. Studies show that attractive landscaping can add up to 20% more value on your home.

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