Benefits of PVC pergolas

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If you are thinking of remodeling the outdoor spaces at home, you own a business that invites people to enjoy the outside view on a warm or refreshing breezy day, or you want to offer solutions to your customers regarding an optimal decorative and functional alternative, the installation of decorative pergolas or motorized pergolas represents an excellent option that will transform those spaces, generating an atmosphere of comfort for the family, friends or your customers.
There are pergolas of different materials, designs and costs in the market. If you are not familiar with the subject, it may be daunting to decide, in the middle of each proposal, which are the ideal pergolas for your home or business.
At Luxury Screens, we are here to advise you and bring out the potential of that space, to transform it into a place that encourages pleasant moments for you or where your clients can relax and enjoy natural light. Next we’ll present different kinds of PVC pergolas, compared to those made with other materials:
PVC pergolas do not allow for moisture, cracks or deformation to be generated in their structure due to the weather. Their maintenance is very simple, therefore, it is not expensive – water and soap will suffice. They don’t require paint retouching or application of lacquers, as with other materials. They are resistant to abrasion and chemical agents. They save energy and are excellent thermal, electrical and acoustic insulators. They offer you the possibility of having versatile designs that adapt to what you need and are easy to install. In addition, thanks to technological advances, they currently have self-extinguishing properties and have a long purposeful life.
Even though wood pergolas have economic and aesthetic advantages, the maintenance they require is more laborious: they need attention and a systematic application of varnishes, paints and sanding of their surface. Therefore, the initial economic advantage can be overwhelmed by the cost of maintenance. They suffer more from climate impacts; run the risk of cracks or deformations. They are not as good insulators as PVC Pergolas and must have a certification that endorses ecological woods. If we visualize this situation: in your business you will want to use the value of your time and economic resources in addressing issues of your agenda, and you won’t want the maintenance of that new addition you made to become a headache.
As far as metals go, there are iron and aluminum pergolas. The material that offers better resistance to corrosion or oxidation is aluminum, however, it must be treated with electrostatic paint so that it can withstand climatic changes. It is light, although it is usually more expensive than PVC and doesn’t allow much room for maneuver in terms of design. Although, it is more resistant than wood, it doesn’t have as good insulating properties as PVC pergolas do. Iron on the other hand, must be treated constantly to avoid its corrosion; if it’s not tended to properly, it gives a sloppy look and ruins that plus that it could otherwise provide to your business or your home. Its cost is usually high, since it is practically manufactured in an artisan way.
We hope this scenario has been useful for you. Get a quote for your PVC Pergola and you will see that its installation is very simple. Congratulations for your remodeling projects!