Benefits of VistaView Roll-Up Mosquito Screens

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It is important to stay updated and at the forefront when it comes to technology and to provide products and services that provide solutions for a better quality of life. There are daily needs, that require a creative and efficient solution. Therefore, it is essential to know how to identify the different challenges and solve them in an innovative way.

Such is the case with the VistaView Roller Mosquito Screens, which are ideal for large doors and windows. They provide wide open-air views, without obstacles, and allow interior spaces to be illuminated very beautifully, thanks to the fact that they do not obstruct the entry of sunlight. Not only do they protect against pests and mosquitoes, their solar control technology prevents the entry of ultraviolet rays.

The VistaView Mosquito Screen is composed of a single screen with a high quality and durable mesh, resistant to wind and damage from pets. The mesh stays firm and secure in place, as it features innovative Captured Mesh technology that keeps the mesh attached to the frame.

This mosquito screen is capable of protecting windows and doors up to 3 meters high and 8 meters wide. It glides smoothly with one hand along its rail effortlessly, and by activating the auto-stop, it can be stopped at any point along the way to facilitate access through the doors or allow the passage of the precise quantity of light.

VistaView is a functional and modern high-end product that, in addition to offering protection and views towards the exterior, guarantees controlled ventilation of spaces without compromising the comfort of the interior temperature. Its elegant and sophisticated design adapts to any architectural style and adds value to the property.

It is available in a single or double system, with 60mm, 70mm and 80mm casings. VistaView is perfect for large windows, folding doors, curtain walls, telescopic walls, pocket lift and sliding door systems, French doors, special square installations and more. It adapts to the needs of each space!

Luxury Screens, as a specialist in the industry of RetractaView roll-up screens, Horizon large screen and SmartScreen motorized screens, offers custom architectural solutions designed to the highest quality, that protect spaces, provide controlled ventilation, add style and comfort to your property. Our roll-up mosquito screens take protection to another level. Not only do they keep out insects, dust and pollutants, their cutting-edge technology prevents UV rays from entering and generate smart air renewal. Its fine finishes and different wood finishes provide a unique experience of sophistication.

Luxury Screens is a pioneering company, a leader in the manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art mosquito net systems. Get to know us.