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It is becoming increasingly more common in today’s world to see a large number of open spaces in all kinds of structures. The appearance of terraces in offices, restaurants, and residential developments can give a sense of modernity and a luxurious ambience, but they can also be a problem when it comes to weather, insects, and dust.

At Luxury Screens we know how important it is to not deprive ourselves of elements such as mosquito nets even in spacious open places, which is why we have large mosquito nets for those area where lots of people are at a time, but require the same comfort as the rooms with small screens.

Our large dimension mosquito nets adapt to almost any space, providing the most efficient recognized feature of these elements: preventing insects and dust – which contributes directly to physical health.

But our mosquito nets also provide many other benefits, such as regulating the passage of sunlight. The fabrics used in mosquito nets can significantly dispel the entrance of sunlight, especially during the summer. This serves as protection for fabrics and furniture that can be damaged after being exposed to too much sun over time.

Maintaining the freshness in a space is another factor to take into account. Summer is a season when many people choose to use air conditioning, but this lacks functionality in open spaces. A large mosquito net will provide air passage to your space naturally, and will prevent you from having to install a structure that partially or completely closes your terrace space, removing visibility and comfort.

Open spaces are gaining popularity in all structures, but also require great measures to make sure they are comfortable and functional. At Luxury Screens we have a solution that can help assure your open space has everything you need.

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