Can you plant the Christmas tree?


Once Christmas, New Year’s and even the Day of the Tree Kings passes, many people start putting their Christmas decorations away, but there is no definite date for removing Christmas decorations because some leave it until early February.

But when deciding what to do with the Christmas tree, many ideas can come to mind. If the tree is artificial, there is nothing to think about, since you can save it and keep reusing it for several years… but if one is natural, there may be several options when undoing the tree.

If the natural tree does not have any roots, then it will die (even if planted). But if it does and the bottom of its trunk is in a pot or bucket, then it is very possible that not only will it survive, it can add life to your garden and shade to your home.

If you live in a cold place, all you have to do is place the tree in the garden outside about 2 hours and increase the exposure time during a period of two weeks for the tree to get used to the temperature change. This will exponentially increase its chances of survival.

Once this time has passed, you must make a hole in the ground that measures at least twice the width of the container where it is currently (and do not forget to take it out of the container to bury it). During the first year, water it once a week and, with a little care, you will have a beautiful pine tree in your garden for many years that you can decorate every holiday season.

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