Caring for Your Garden in the Summer Months

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Keeping your garden looking gorgeous through the hot summer months is a key factor in maintaining the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Luxury Screens has some easy summer gardening tips to keep your landscaping looking great.

1. Mulch: a 2 inch covering of mulch over your soil will shield it from the sun, helping to keep plant roots cooler and preventing moisture loss.

2. Weed: weeds always seem to thrive in hot summer conditions and they can not only steal moisture and nutrient from your plants, but they can also attract insects and diseases. Be sure to stay on top of weeding your garden.

3. Remove Dead or Faded Flowers: by removing wilting flowers, you allow your plants to focus their energy on growing more fresh blooms.

4. Water Smart: during dry summers it is important to conserve water, so make your watering as efficient as possible. Water during early morning or evening hours and apply water directly to the ground, not on leaves which can promote disease.

5. Pest Control: it’s important to keep an eye on summer insects in your summer garden which can not only bring disease to your landscaping but also into your home.

These summer gardening tips will help you keep your outdoor spaces beautiful, perfect for enjoying from a comfortable garden gazebo during sunny summer days.

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