Christmas in the Garden


The holiday season has begun and it’s the best time to show off ingenuous decorations created from simple and original ideas. During this time, while houses acquire color with decorations we invite you to stretch out beyond the doors of your home, into your garden or the entry of your home and include them in the festivities.

There are different types of decorations, so start with the lighting details. You can fill a glass container with salt, place cranberries (whether natural or artificial) or tiny ornamental orbs, a candle in the middle of the salt and, finally, place a few sprigs of pine. So you can light the candle every night, have her as ornamental use on Christmas day and illuminate your entrance or garden. You can also use the lights tangled last year in an original way (instead of spending hours trying to disentangle). For this you can use them to form a nest, on which you can place branches to give it more life.

There are other elements that you can use to your advantage, for example, Christmas wreaths. Usually they are associated with snow, but if you live in a warm place, instead of hanging ice skates or gloves, you can choose to hang something funny characteristic of your family and lifestyle. Also, in case you have potted plants, you can decorate with lights and a ribbon of muslin. If you would like take it to another level, you can buy artificial white fir trees and bury them in your pots decorated as if they were real. Also you can decorate using wrapped boxes as if they were gifts and place them at your entrance or lining your garden.

Finally, for those who have pergolas, you can use pine wreaths or mistletoe entwined with Christmas lights in the ceiling. As for wreaths, remember that also can assemble them yourself with Christmas ornaments.

Actually this type of decoration is something simple that only takes a little creativity and time, but the aesthetic results contribute much to the spirit of the festivities.

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