Differences between Aluminum and PVC Windows

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If you haven't yet decided to whether to install aluminum windows or to install PVC windows, Luxury Screens presents the 7 differences between the two to help make your choice easier:

1. PVC windows are perfect for thermal and acoustic insulation. They help to retain more heat in rooms making them more useful during the winter season.

2. In general, PVC windows are made almost entirely by machine, thus avoiding any type of human error. They are very easy to clean (simply with soap and water).

3. Aluminum windows offer more decorative possibilities, because you can draw on a wide range of colors and textures.

4. While the average life span for PVC windows is 35 years, aluminum windows are guaranteed against moisture, sun or any weather impact.

5. Due to technological advances and their light construction, aluminum can be easily and quickly installed in almost any type of structure.

6. Aluminum windows easily fit any glass thickness.

7. PVC windows are excellent for soundproofing, as long as they are properly glazed.

Extra: A system of sliding aluminum doors can make for elegant and harmonious transitions between balconies and rooms or between the living room and garden. Large windows illuminate and create an environment that improves the quality of life.

Choosing the right type of window for your needs is important because it can have a sizeable impact on your enjoyment and the comfort of your home.

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