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Those of us who dedicate ourselves to the commercialization of architectural supplies know that the motive to acquire something that fills the life of our clients with functionality and/or luxury can vary. But in the end, they all circle back to being able to provide a sense of well-being to the life of the people who inhabit these spaces.

Nowadays, concern for the environment is undoubtedly one of the most powering things driving the transformation of lifestyles.

In the particular case of manufacturers, distributors and installers of mosquito screen systems, this represents a valuable opportunity: to present ourselves as an environmentally friendly alternative. By producing the possibility of naturally freshening indoor spaces, we stand in the face of the enormous energy expenditure of air conditioning.

According to data from 2016 issued by the National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy CONUEE, close to 30% of residential consumption in the country is for comfort in hot climates, and that number is expected to continue growing.

The argument of caring for the planet while providing comfort and protecting the health of family members is powerful. Nowadays, vector-borne diseases have a wide coverage in the media, and a strong impact on society due to the number of health effects they may have, including death.

Just a few days ago, the Institute of Emerging Pathogens at the University of Florida, identified for the first time the infection of the Keystone virus in humans. A male adolescent was diagnosed as the first patient infected with this virus, which had been observed in mosquitoes in the Tampa Bay area, Florida.

It is believed that the Keystone virus has been able to infect many people and its symptoms – which include rash and fever – may have been mistaken for those of Zika. In extreme cases, this virus can infect brain cells and cause encephalitis.

This puts the emphasis on what we still have yet to learn, and on the level of protection that is required to give comfort to a family in their own home.

If we also add that nowadays, mosquito screen systems require low maintenance and have high durability, we are able to find socially conscious buyers who are aware of responsible consumption, and have the possibility of developing a niche market.

Protecting the environment also has to do with ensuring the survival of the species on the planet. Promoting awareness in our sphere of influence while doing business is a sustainable way of looking to the future and contributing to the well-being of our clients' families. Learn more about Luxury Screens.