Effective protection: Mosquito nets for sliding windows! 

Luxury Screens

At Luxury Screens, we offer different sizes to create your windows. Choose from sizes as small as 50 cm or as large as 1.70 m wide and 3.05 m high. In the video, you can see the final result of our work in a room. The window slides horizontally, overlooking the street, and the best thing is that the mosquito net does not interfere with the view. It also has a safety device that guarantees a slow, firm, and safe opening. That’s how easily you can keep a fresh environment! 

Thanks to the mosquito net, you can open your window and enjoy the view without being afraid of mosquitoes, outside garbage, or other flying insects getting in. The mosquito net fabric that we use at Luxury Screens is made with fiberglass and also offers other benefits: 

  • Solar filter. Our mosquito net fabric has a solar filter that will make every day fresh and full of natural light without worrying about the sun’s rays. 
  • Resistance to any season. Whether it is rain, sun, or wind, the fabric used in the mosquito net is durable and high quality! 
  • Our fabric does not degrade with sun exposure and is replaceable. 
  • No special care is needed. Just wipe with a cloth. 

We are experts in mosquito nets for sliding windows! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the freshness with our roll-up mosquito nets for your windows. In addition to sliding windows, we also have options for casement and projector windows. Our product is available throughout the Mexican Republic. Get a quote here, call us, or write to us. At Luxury Screens, we look forward to hearing from you!