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GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma), is an organization created in 1993 that collaborates in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO). GINA is responsible, among other activities, for creating global strategies for the treatment and prevention of asthma.

Among its initiatives is World Asthma Day, which is celebrated in May, as an effort to remind the planet that this is a serious public health problem. In addition, it is intended that asthma be associated with the environment, that is, to understand that it has an influence on such condition.

Asthma is a problem that affects the airways and causes the lungs to not work properly. People who suffer from it are more susceptible to the weather, dust, smoke and chemicals, since they can trigger crises and affect their quality of life.

As members of the industry, we know that it is important to innovate and offer our customers the highest quality products that guarantee comfort and safety in their spaces. Therefore, it is essential to have constructions that promote healthy environments. This is why windows play a crucial role. They must be efficient, because not only do they help ventilate your space, they also provide magnificent views, they let in natural light, and they serve as isolators.

Architectural constructions and supplies need to guarantee thermal insulation that provides stability at room temperature. It is vital that they promote energy saving and are environmentally friendly buildings. There are different aspects that we have to take into account when it comes to offering smart spaces.

Windows have undergone a series of transformations in designs and materials throughout their existence,  along with technological advances. As manufacturers, distributors and installers of roll-up mosquito screen systems, we are an environmentally friendly alternative to the enormous energy expenditure of the air conditioning.

Our latest generation of window screens guarantee thermal comfort, protect you against UV rays, dust and insects. In addition, they are designed in accordance with PassivHaus technology, a high-quality standard in comfort and reduction of energy consumption that helps maintain ideal atmospheric conditions inside, allows intelligent air renewal and sunlight control.

Luxury Screens is a pioneering and leading company, specializing in the manufacture and installation of high-end roll-up mosquito screen systems that protect your spaces, add style and aesthetics to buildings.

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