Fall is a great season to enjoy your garden

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The color palette that nature gives us each autumn is breathtaking. Leaves that change hues, the fallen leaves like nature’s rug and a warm but not strenuous sun that bathes everything in different tones.

The weather, although mild, varies through the heat of summer and the surprising winter winds. This weather motivates us to spend more time outdoors, but be wary  because  from one moment to the next, it can undergo radical changes. Therefore, adjusting your garden or terrace to enjoy the magical moments that fall and all  the year’s seasons give us is a plus that will give you comfort, provide functionality to your home and could even increase its value.

By installing a pergola in your garden or terrace you can enjoy this spectacle of nature without  being unprotected to surprise climate changes. PVC pergolas are low maintenance and can accept different configurations, for example, you can add a tempered glass on top with sun protection films.

On the other hand, the versatility of the Louvered Roof and its rotating elements will make you move from one environment to another at the touch of a button.

That’s how decks, terraces, gardens and any open space find the flexibility that allow you to enjoy them for longer periods of time. Combine with mosquito nets to enjoy meetings that won’t end at nightfall due to annoying insects.

Turn your open spaces into the refuge of comfort you need. Remember that Luxury Screens has the widest range of roll-up, pleat and large-size mosquito nets, including the biggest Mosquito net in México. They also have PVC and Louvered Roof pergola with a team of professionals that have the ability to install and maintain all of this throughout the country. Learn more.