Four Effective Measures Against Mosquitoes

Luxury Screens

We are a good way through the summer, and August in many places in the northern hemisphere is the month with the highest temperatures. Rain and general humidity not only contribute to the level of heat felt, but they also create perfect conditions for mosquitos to thrive in. Who, in addition to being annoying, can also transmit diseases to us that represent a great risk to the health of our family. 

The need to find comfort in the face of these conditions put us at risk of resorting to solutions that are not always the most effective, and can represent a constant expense.

That's why we’d like to present you with four effective measures to control mosquitoes and protect your family:

1. Don’t let water accumulate. Stagnant water is the perfect environment for the reproduction of mosquitoes. If you do not use your pool or your fountain in the garden, there are special tablets that can help eliminate the larvae of these insects.

2. Use light clothes but try to cover up. There are natural textiles help your body breathe even in long-sleeved garments that are a great option for hot and humid days, they also offer protection from the sun's rays and mosquito bites.

3. Take advantage of the breeze. Air currents are annoying for mosquitoes, they also help to disperse your smell, which is the means they use to locate their victims. You can even use fans that help you keep the moving.

4. Install a mosquito net system. There is no better way to protect your family. You will be taking advantage of natural ventilation while leaving out the discomfort of these insects.  Many screens also have capture systems to reduce the entrance of dust and particles such as pollen to our home, and offer a protection against UV rays that cause damage and discolor furniture and decoration.

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