Goodbye, insects! Transform your terrace with our roll-up mosquito net 

Luxury Screens

Our roll-up mosquito net is the solution! Have you ever wanted to open your terrace up but you don’t dare because you don’t want to constantly battle with mosquitos and other insects?

Don’t be afraid! At Luxury Screens we have an effective and environmentally friendly alternative for you to enjoy your terrace without harming flying insects. 

How much do you take advantage of your terrace? 

The terrace is a space where you can enjoy the outdoors. It’s a place to relax, enjoy some alone time, or read a good book. You could also enjoy a delicious breakfast or meal outdoors without leaving home. You can enjoy a beautiful view or simply adapt the space for any activity of your interest, such as painting or practicing an instrument among many others. 

Enjoy your terrace to the fullest with our roll-up mosquito net 

There are insects that are more common in the fall season such as mosquitoes, wasps, bees, and flies. These flying animals may be in search of shelter or food, so getting into the house is common. 

The appearance of insects depends on the weather, temperature and humidity, which is why a Luxury Screens roll-up mosquito net is useful for terraces. Here we tell you the benefits of installation

1. Effective barrier against insects 

A Luxury Screens Roll Up Insect Screen provides an effective barrier against mosquitoes, flies or other annoying flying insects. So you can avoid being bothered by insect bites or buzzing while you enjoy your time outside. 

2. Safety and hygiene for your food 

If you like to eat out on the terrace, the roll-up mosquito net prevents flying insects from landing on food and drinks. Bees can easily detect sweet foods; they have a highly developed sense of smell, this allows them to detect odors and aromas from long distances. 

Flies are attracted to sweet foods, rotting foods, odors, and chemicals in the environment. These animals are carriers of germs and bacteria, so keeping them off the terrace protects your food. The roll-up mosquito net is an option to maintain the hygiene and safety of your food

3. Effective protection 

Luxury Screens Roll-Up Insect Screen is a long-term investment for effective protection against flying insects. In addition to avoiding bites, they help reduce viruses like Zika. Mosquitoes can carry disease to humans, so the roll-up mosquito net is an extra layer of protection to avoid contact with them. 

High quality roll-up mosquito net for terraces 

Installing a Luxury Screens roll-up mosquito net is an ecological and safe alternative to avoid flying insects and, at the same time, enjoy a space for rest: 

  • Enjoy a space with ventilation and natural light. 
  • Unobstructed views. 
  • Installation carried out by our experts. 
  • Coverage in Mexico and Central America 

Get a quote for your roll up mosquito net to enjoy your terrace to the fullest.