Home Remodeling Tips that Don’t Break the Bank


Christmas is coming with the promise of year-end bonuses, which many people put towards remodeling or repainting their home. But home projects can be expensive, particularly at this time of year, so Luxury Screens has some tips on remodeling your home without breaking the bank.

• Lighting can make or break a room
Investing in low voltage spotlights can achieve a change of atmosphere for a room, from restful to romantic.

• Look for unmatched woods and fabrics
Recovering your furniture with different inexpensive fabrics or mix and matching the types of woods of your furniture can give your room an eclectic and off-beat feel.

• Do not forget plants
Having plants in any room will make it feel more alive. You can go to the local market for inexpensive clay pots that you can decorate and customize to your décor.

• Focus on your floor
Like the walls, floors need your attention. If you going to change your flooring consider salvaged wood, or refurbished linoleum or carpet. These options can save a few thousand dollars.

• Custom-made is an easy and inexpensive way to combine all the elements of your room
Have fun combining patterns, styles and textures on your curtains, accessories and furniture.

• Invest in quality furniture
Invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time and then update your room every couple of years with new, inexpensive accessories.

• Consider inexpensive solutions before getting rid of things
Return your leather furniture to life with a little olive oil. Make your chairs look new with a coat of paint or fix scratches on your wood floor with a simple polish.

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