Horizon Retractable Mosquito Net: Your Best Ally In Spring! 

Luxury Screens

In spring, temperatures can reach high levels even inside your home. Although many may enjoy this situation, the lack of ventilation can cause some inconveniences, such as: 

  • Lack of ventilation can cause stale air to accumulate inside the house, which can cause discomfort and affect air quality. 
  • The absence of air circulation can contribute to increased humidity levels in the home
  • Spring is usually a season with high concentrations of pollen in the air. Without ventilation, allergens can accumulate inside, affecting people sensitive to allergies. 

Success Story: Sea, Breeze, and The Horizon Retractable Mosquito Net 

Do you think there are no mosquito nets that adapt to your large doors? Not a problem for Luxury Screens! Here is a video of one of our Horizon retractable mosquito net installations that we did on a property with a beautiful ocean view. Imagine enjoying a stunning view but not being able to open the window to feel the breeze, fearing the entry of flying insects. One of our clients had this problem. 

The door to one of its rooms has impressive sea views. However, our client faced the challenge of finding a mosquito net that harmoniously integrated with the architectural style and, at the same time, was functional. When he contacted us and shared his concerns, we knew we had the perfect solution for him.  

The Horizon retractable mosquito net is perfect for large doors covering up to 12 meters. In the video, you can see a room with a considerably large balcony and door. At Luxury Screens, we strive to attend to every detail to ensure that the mosquito net integrates perfectly with the architectural style of the environment, and this installation was no exception. 

Our customer was completely satisfied with the Horizon roll-up mosquito net. He can now open his door without restrictions and delight in the refreshing sea breeze inside his home. Not only during hot days but at any time of the year, he can enjoy a refreshing environment without worrying about the presence of birds or flying insects. 

Install a retractable mosquito net to enjoy the fresh air in spring! Get a quote for your project today