Horizon Retractable Screen: The Perfect Solution For Large Dimensions

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At Luxury Screens, we pursue one goal: to provide unique and quality architectural solutions that transform spaces so that people can enjoy their environments in a comfortable and protected way.

With this powerful conviction, we created the Horizon Roll-up Mosquito Net that adapts perfectly to larger dimensions in the home or important architectural works without losing its resistance, the quality of its technology, and its discreet and elegant design.

The Horizon Insect Screen expands to 12 meters in length in double operation. Its remarkable size makes it the most substantial roll-up insect screen available.
We offer two sizes that cater to different environments and requirements:

Simple Horizon mosquito net: 100 mm box / Standard mesh: 6 m by 3.35 m high.
Double Horizon mosquito net: 100 mm box / Standard mesh: more than 12.00 m long by 3.35 m high

With aesthetic quality, resistance, and contemporary design with discreet profiles, this roll-up mosquito net has a unique and avant-garde system thanks to its engineering and technological development.

It is the ideal architectural complement for large-format windows and gates because it protects your outdoor space, allowing insect-free enjoyment on terraces, balconies, gardens, and rooftops.

The benefits of including the Horizon Rollable Mosquito Net in your home or architectural project are considerable and highly valued by those who already use them:

It is a great protective solution from external factors that affect comfort and enjoyment, keeping insects and dust out and reducing the passage of UV rays.
It provides unmatched thermal comfort thanks to its solar control technology and natural ventilation.
Promote the use of natural light for a longer time and, consequently, significant savings in electricity.
It adapts harmoniously to gates, windows, and spaces of all kinds.
Provide clear and unobstructed views.
It has a lower guide accessible to wheelchairs.
It is easy to use and has an automatic brake system making it even easier to manage.
Its unique, elegant, and 100% avant-garde design favors and beautifies the facades and the interior of any home or business.

Each of these advantages is from the meticulous design and perfect tailoring of this intelligent solution that optimizes each space in the home and makes it safer and more elegant.

Our Horizon Roll-up Insect Screen has these valuable features:

The mosquito net disappears from view when not in use.
It has a contemporary, elegant design with fine finishes compatible with every architectural style.
It has a practical self-control handle and a patented handle system.
Its Track Secure zipper is the perfect solution to resist winds of more than 120 km/h.
The mosquito netting is replaceable (we have several options available).
All its components are durable, safe, and 100% resistant.
Its rails are low profile, and the design is highly discreet.
Each of our mosquito nets has a 3-year guarantee on mechanical parts.
Its finish includes electrostatic paint, and you can choose between the following shades: Black, White, Natural, and Dark Brown.

At Luxury Screens, we design and create unique and innovative solutions for those who seek the best in the roll-up mosquito net industry.
The Horizon Insect Screen is the best architectural solution in the industry that adapts to large environments. Undoubtedly, it is an innovative, durable, and fully functional product that your spaces need.

We invite you to discover some of the most iconic projects to have implemented this intelligent solution to protect their surroundings.

Enter now and discover the impact of the Horizon Rollable Mosquito Net!