Horizon: The Roll-Up Mosquito Net For Houses With Gardens

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How about enjoying a sunny afternoon with fresh air? Spending time outdoors improves mood and reduces stress. A well-kept garden can completely transform the aesthetics of a property, making it even more attractive to the eye. 

Generally, this type of house has large outside doors. While leaving the doors open sounds lovely, sometimes, for different reasons, it is not possible. For example, leaving doors open allows for the potential for unwanted insects to enter, as well as unsupervised entry and exit of pets or small children. But don’t worry, we have the solution! 

The Horizon roll-up mosquito net is practical for houses with gardens and large doors. It is a functional barrier that connects the interior and exterior without the need to close the door. 

Style And Connection In Your Home With Horizon 

The transition from your home to the garden will become a unique space for everyone in the family. In the video, you can view the result of the Horizon installation for a house in Mérida, Yucatán. Since high temperatures prevail in this state for most of the year, Horizon helps maintain a temperate environment indoors and keeps out insects. 

As you can see, you can keep one or both halves of the mosquito net open, making it easier to manipulate. You’ll notice that the mosquito netting is hidden, allowing you to remain aware of what’s inside and outside. 

Let The Fresh Air Flow! 

  • Say goodbye to sweltering days and let the revitalizing breeze fill every corner of your space.
  • On rainy days, you can keep the door open to avoid the heat without worrying about flying insects or garbage in the environment on windy days. 

The Perfect Solution For Houses With Gardens 

Now that you know the benefits that Horizon can provide to houses with gardens, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer personalized attention, and our team will happily advise you and provide the best solution for your doors or windows. We carry out installations throughout the Mexican Republic. Discover how Horizon can transform your home! 

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