How a Pergola Could Make Your Business More Productive

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When we hold the reins of a company we are interested in the results. This is only natural because not only are results a way to measure how well we are doing and be able to set future goals, but are directly related to  the ability to react to external pressures in times that are maybe not so good. Being able to react to these pressures could be the difference in the success of our company.

Of course we want our collaborators to do the best job they can do, and sometimes the will to control everything can make an environment toxic.

Change one thing and you'll change everything.

Collaborators’ free time is a very important component to their productivity level. Not spending hours and hours in traffic, or assuring that they are able to attend to their personal affairs, and making sure they are invested in other activities that provide relief from work during their time not spent in the office is not only advisable, but is arguably the backbone of a successful company.

An employee who is always focused, even though he or she may have an incredible productivity streak, will eventually break, and if it happens when much of your deliverables fall on them, it pose a great risk to the business.

It is also important to recognize free time within working hours and the flexibility to avoid losses in productivity. For example, installing a Pergola on the terrace or garden of your workplace may encourage your collaborators to take their breaks and mealtimes more regularly.

A Pergola brings flexibility to your spaces, perhaps being able to work outside for an hour on the terrace without the sun flattening your mood may be a necessary thrust for a business because the stimuli that is received is different. Even a Rotating Pergola can be closed to offer shelter in the rain.

It may seem trivial, but just changing one’s environment for a few minutes, like feeling the light of the sun or the breath of the wind, can detonate unconscious processes that lead to better performance and the search for creative solutions.

In the end, “distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, everything is the same. But something in our minds has changed and that, changes everything”.*

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*Quote from Jonah Lehrer, journalist, writer and lecturer specializing in psychology, neuroscience and humanities.