How to create a functional and aesthetic home office with bioclimatic pergolas

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The first step to creating a functional and aesthetic home office is to define your workspace. Whether it is a room or a corner dedicated exclusively to work, that space should be inspiring, comfortable and, above all, encourage productivity and well-being. Because nothing beats the feeling of being in a pleasant environment for a work day!

How to Condition Your Outdoor Workspace

If you have the opportunity to set up your workspace on a terrace, patio or any outdoor space, you are about to open a door to productivity and inspiration. Terraces or outdoor spaces offer a connection with nature and the outdoors. You can decorate with plants and furniture to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

These elements can break the monotony of a traditional office and offer a touch of vitality and freshness. Natural lighting is an invaluable element that you should take advantage of for the home office. Natural light can motivate you to be more creative and productive as it improves your mood.

However, working from the terrace can bring some inconveniences. For example, climate change is unpredictable. On rainy days or extreme temperatures it can be difficult to be outdoors. So that you do not suffer with these changes, we share solutions so that you can continue enjoying the home office.

Motorized bioclimatic pergola, ideal for home office!

The Luxury Screens motorized bioclimatic pergola is an effective solution to enjoy any open space for home office work. With just one button you can protect yourself from rainy days or extreme sunny temperatures! These are some of its benefits:

– Automated light and shadow control:

This feature allows you to adapt the work environment to your personal preferences. On sunny days, you can activate the pergola to create shade, which will help reduce glare on your computer screen and other devices. At the same time, you can still enjoy natural light and fresh air.

This is possible thanks to the rotation of the slats, which can rotate from 0 to 120°. At 0° it remains closed and offers maximum protection for rainy or very hot climates. At 120° it allows total entry of sunlight and at 45° it allows partial entry and control of lighting.

– Aesthetic, elegant and personalized design

Luxury Screens bioclimatic pergolas provide undeniable aesthetic value to your workspace. Its elegant and modern design will turn your space into your favorite home office place. Size and finishes are customizable! This allows the pergola to be harmoniously integrated into the style of your home.

And you don’t have to worry about lighting for those days when your workday is extended. Luxury Screens pergolas have different lighting options so that nothing stops your activities.

– Enjoy unique moments

Our bioclimatic pergola is not only useful for having a home office, but it can be used to enjoy great moments with family and friends. For example, you can use it for a weekend family gathering, organize a meeting with friends, or a romantic evening! It can be your favorite place to spend the afternoons with a good book or for late night chats.

Customize your outdoor spaces with Luxury Screens

At Luxury Screens we make the most of your spaces with our bioclimatic pergolas. To know more details about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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