Advantages of a Pergola

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There is an unwritten rule that every garden should have a focal point to draw attention visually. These focal points can include fences, colorful paths, rows of planter pots, a fountain and certainly, a pergola.

If you looking to create a quiet, tranquil space then installing a pergola in the garden will provide an ideal place for relaxing. Pergolas designs are varied. They are available in iron or lacquered wood and with arches or trellises. They incorporate a stylish element which will noticeably increase the overall value of your home.

Almost any garden space can be enhanced with a pergola and Luxury Screens pergolas allow you to enjoy the most out of your outdoor space, providing a comfortable area that is also the perfect spot to BBQ. You can relax in the company of your family, eating in the garden with friends or just make it a special place to enjoy the outdoors.

To take advantage of all these features, throughout the month of March we will be offering distributors preferential prices for samples and training on how to use and install this innovative product.

We invite you to browse our catalog of pergolas which offer an innovative way to enjoy outdoor areas such as pools, terraces and gardens without having to worry about the weather. At the touch of a button, the solid roof transforms into a pergola that will provide light and ventilation without compromising the visibility of the sky.

If you are an owner of a cafe, restaurant or hotel with outdoor areas and you want to improve your customer spaces, undoubtedly a pergola is your best choice. We invite you to contact us through any of our communication channels.

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