How to pick a pergola for your terrace

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A pergola is an architectural structure made of different materials, which transforms and increases the value of your outdoor spaces. It connects the interiors with the exterior and allows you to take advantage of the places as multifunctional sites. They provide shade and some pergolas can be complemented with glass roofs; They add style and are often the centerpiece of the space where you place them.

Summer is approaching and it is important that you consider some recommendations before choosing a pergola for a terrace, patio or garden:

  • Materials: pergolas are made of different materials, like iron, steel, PVC, wood, bamboo, and concrete, among others. Choose the pergola according to the durability of the material, investment, maintenance and versatility.
  • Maintenance: it will depend on the materials with which it is made. PVC pergolas withstand inclement weather, have self-extinguishing properties, maintenance is minimal and only require soap and water to clean. Wooden pergolas need special varnishes to resist humidity and constant maintenance to prevent cracks; metal pergolas need to be treated to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • Stability: it is important that your pergola has the best quality materials, an efficient anchoring system to the ground and is installed by experts who guarantee the safety of the structure.
  • Decorative or rotating: decorative pergolas are a structure made up of a set of slats that generate shade; some are compatible with tempered glass for added protection. There are rotating pergolas that feature bioclimatic technology and, with the push of a button, they transform into a solid adjustable cover.
  • Fixed or mobile: the fixed ones can be attached to the façade or be independent; If your terrace, garden or patio is spacious, the ideal is a fixed pergola; if your space is smaller, the solution is a mobile pergola, easy to dismantle. However, today there are modern fixed pergolas with very versatile designs, adaptable for small spaces.
  • Water evacuation: There are motorized pergolas with drainage systems that prevent the accumulation of water. They are generally made of aluminum and allow you to control the levels of sunlight and shade.

We hope that these recommendations are useful for your project. Consult your specialized technical advisor, at Luxury Screens we are here to tend to your needs. We are a pioneering and leading company, specialists in the manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art pergola systems, with luxury finishes that provide sophistication to your spaces.

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