Ideal Plants for Covering Pergolas

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A pergola is a long narrow structure with pillars and an open lattice, often covered with plants. The best plants for a pergola are those that grow rapidly and require minimal care.

Climbing Plants for Pergolas
Plants and vines that climb well on structures vary in size, growth habits and appearance. Many plants and vines bloom and bring color and interest to the landscape. Some gardeners combine various climbing plants that bloom at different times and seasons throughout the year. Make sure your structure is strong enough to support the weight of your climbing vines before planting.

The Best Plants for a Pergola
Depending on the region where you live and growing conditions, there are many plants to choose from. Some of the most popular vines are:

• Clematis
Clematis is a favorite for climbing gardens because it is easy to grow, relatively light and offers a beautiful burst of color in early spring. You can combine Clematis with climbing roses to cover the surface quickly. You can also consider adding different varieties to bloom at different times.

• Passionflower
Passionflower is an intriguing exotic vine with purple and white flowers that quickly covers garden structures. There are even varieties that resist frost. Passionflower combines well with Clematis for an amazing effect.

• Wisteria
Wisteria is another favorite climbing plant, but this fragrant beauty must have sturdy support. Wisteria requires some maintenance to keep it looking its best and requires lots of sun to flourish.

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