Installing an Outdoor Kitchen


Installing an outdoor kitchen for your home is a great way to increase your use and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.  Luxury Screens has a few tips and things to consider before adding a kitchen to your patio or terrace.

  1. Location.  Make sure that your grill won’t waft smoke into your home and that the distance isn’t too far from your indoor kitchen to make transporting platters and food easier.
  2. Appliances.  What appliances you want will determine the amount of space you will need for your outdoor kitchen.  Consider how all of these appliances will fit within the design plan, how much room to allow for each, and how they will work with each other.
  3. Storage and Space.  Just like an indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen should have ample counter space and storage.  Be sure to choose easy to clean and waterproof materials, like stone and stainless steel.
  4. Quality Appliances.  Many outdoor kitchens include a grill, a sink, and a small refrigerator and some even include specialty appliance like a beer tap or warming drawers.  Whatever appliances are right for you, be sure to choose reliable products that will withstand weather conditions.
  5. Cover Up.  Adding a PVC pergola is the ideal finishing touch for your outdoor kitchen.  A pergola will not only protect your outdoor kitchen from sun and rain, but it will also protect you and your guests from the elements while you are cooking and eating.

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