Investing Your Christmas Bonus at Home


Have you ear-marked your Christmas Bonus this year for making some improvements around your home? Here are our tips for the renovations and upgrades that make the biggest difference in your home while still keeping some of your Christmas cash in your pocket.

1) Curb appeal
Power-washing your driveway or the exterior of your home, fixing broken stairs or making an investment in your landscaping can all make a big change in the appearance of your home.

2) Update your door
The door is what welcomes you to your home. If your door is looking dated or worse for wear, consider painting it, changing the hardware or even replacing the door altogether.

3) Paint
Nothing makes an immediate improvement faster than a new coat of paint, inside or out.

4) Lighting
A new chandelier, adding some spot lights or even just changing out harsh white bulbs for softer yellow hues will make a big impact of the feel of your home.

5) Adding a pergola or gazebo
Why not make this the year to get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor spaces?

Whatever home improvements you make, it is an investment in not only the value of your home but also in your enjoyment of your home.

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