Latest Generation Mosquito Nets for Mosquitoes in Expansion

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According to estimates by the World Health Organization, between 2030 and 2050, climate change will cause around 250,000 deaths, due to malaria, heat stress and other causes. Some of the effects caused by climate change are the lengthening of seasons that favor the transmission of diseases generated by vectors, in addition to altering their geographical distribution. This situation stands out because some species were delimited to tropical spaces. However, with climate change, they have expanded their geographic area of influence.
In addition, the configuration of the habitats is auspicious, for if there is drought in usually humid areas the water course does not flow in a regular manner, which leads to possible breeding sites for insects. On the other hand, deforestation and soil transformation have led to the reduction of biodiversity, which implies the shortening of insect predators.
Diseases such as malaria or dengue are very sensitive to changes in weather, especially in regions such as Latin America, since it has been shown in recent years as an area very sensitive to changes in temperature. Therefore, there is a very close relationship between climate change and health. Based on the above, it is necessary that the ideas on design and construction of real estate integrate factors as decisive as those previously described.
Luxury Screens is characterized by offering state-of-the-art architectural supplies, with state-of-the-art technology, ideal to face such challenges. Our wide range of mosquito nets, with luxurious finishes will provide your home with the comfort, security and style you need. Fixed mosquito nets, made with German design profiles, will keep away insects as well as protecting against dust and sun radiation. Rolling mosquito nets with its high-end system, which consists of a sophisticated roller system with patented speed reducer, prevents the mosquito net from whipping when maneuvering.
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