Making the Most Out of One Space

Architectural supplies, Lifestyle

If you've ever looked for online decorating ideas, you've probably come across viral videos of fully functional tiny apartments in Japan that are truly amazing.

Considering Western lifestyle, the popularity of these videos is most likely due to versatility more than the concept of living in such a small space. Although, it is true that in bigger cities housing dimensions are becoming smaller and smaller. Even if you are not living in a small space, the versatility of being able to use the same space for different things is always a huge advantage.

For example, terraces and gardens are spaces in which climatic conditions can make or break the possibility of enjoying them.

While being out in the open can be great for a family meal with the right climate, intense sun or rain can simply ruin the moment. There are people who even give up the possibility of having an open space and choose to expand their home and be protected under a roof instead, so that they don’t have to worry during  those moments when they just want to attend guests and enjoy the moment.

Having a closed terrace or expanding your home will be complicated and expensive, and requires permits from authorities.

On the other hand, placing a pergola can help you get the most out of your space. With a louvered roof system and its rotating elements you can take advantage of having control over natural lighting by adjusting the angle to reduce intensity, or even close it completely to protect from rain. Furthermore, installation is a process that the Luxury Screens team will take care of completely in any city in Mexico. The utmost quality of our architectural supplies will allow you to make the most out of your outdoor spaces. Learn more.