Mosquitia: The region combating Malaria with Mosquito Screens

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The Caribbean Coast in Nicaragua and Honduras forms the region known as La Mosquitia. Considered the largest humid tropical forest in all of America, it is home to the Plátano River Biosphere and almost 70 archaeological sites.

The region’s name comes from the transliteration of the name of the ethnic group that lived there: The Miskitos. This word turned in a pejorative way to Mosquitos, and unfortunately for the Miskitos, the name stuck.

The area’s current residents are dedicated to primary activities such as fishing and agriculture, and in exceptional cases to ecotourism – for those brave-at-heart, who dare to discover the mosquito infested region.

Given the danger posed by the area’s original residents, local and international authorities and organizations are striving to bring universal coverage in bed nets to the region. A recent installation of more than 40 thousand mosquito nets will benefit more than 80 thousand inhabitants in their fight against malaria. In Nicaragua and Honduras there is still a high incidence of the disease with 12, 400 and 9, 000 cases respectively in 2016, compared to 4 in Costa Rica or 13 in El Salvador. The mosquito net campaign has been accompanied by education, diagnosis and treatment in order to help reduce the number of new cases.

Mosquito nets are a fundamental part of protecting your family from mosquito-borne diseases. A modern mosquito nets system provides, in addition to tranquility, protection for your health by promoting the elimination of organisms through better air circulation in your home. The net’s capture system can prevent the entry of micro particles that can be allergens and even help protect your belongings against UV rays.

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