Adding a Mosquito Net as an Architectural Complement

Lifestyle, Wellness

Open spaces where you can feel a natural flow of air are generally the most enjoyed spaces in side of homes and offices.  Feeling a natural breeze through a space, which ventilates and renews atmosphere is beneficial for health and creates tranquility.

On the other hand, we also know that insects, dust and other small-sized particles can cause disease, interfere with the benefits of running the air, and dirty the furniture.

This is why elements such as mosquito nets become important in this type of space. A mosquito net, in addition to preventing dust, insects and other harmful agents, can be adapted to any space as an architectural element, and will maintain an esthetic appeal.

A pergola for example, is a construction made so that people can comfortably enjoy an open place and have a showy architectural alternative. Correct placement of the right mosquito net can help make the space look more relative, while at the same time providing security from any harmful particles or insects.

Windows are another great example of elements where a mosquito net can be a great help. Houses with large doors and windows facing gardens can benefit in the same way with a mosquito net. It will help to maintain ventilation within a room without the need to install air conditioning or other mechanisms that require a significant investment, and whose results are simply not the same.

For these types of spaces, the large screens that we have available at Luxury Screens are the best option. We have the highest technology and greatest home improvement equipment on the market, which will allow your mosquito net to be functional and adaptable while at the same time preserving the style of any space.

In addition, the fabric also serves to control the amount of sunlight, making them an important method of controlling temperature.

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