Mosquitoes are Deadlier than Sharks

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It may not be a novelty for you, but mosquitoes, thanks to the diseases they transmit, are the most lethal beings on the planet. This is such a worrying issue that even the World Health Organization has even compared the number of deaths caused by these pesky insects, and the fearsome ocean predator: sharks.

Of course, it’s natural to fear sharks. Often the irrational fear of them keeps people far away from any coast. However, there is a surprisingly low fear rate around one of the beings on the planet that can invoke one of the highest mortality rates by spreading disease, and many people continue to see the tiny beings only as a nuisance.

Returning to the comparison made by the WHO, we can only describe the results as impressive: While mosquitoes in a single day caused the death of 1,476 people on a global scale (2016), sharks with all their sharp teeth – which in some cases total more than 3 thousand teeth -, barely reached 1,035 deaths recorded in the entire 100 years prior to the study.

It is therefore important to raise awareness about the serious danger posed by mosquitoes to our species. However, controlling by means of chemicals or extreme measures that reduce the mosquito population, also puts the fragile balance of life on our planet at risk. In short, mosquitoes are our uncomfortable neighbor that we have no choice but to tolerate, and we need to learn to live with them.

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