Mosquitoes May be Generating a Resistance to Insecticides

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According to a study conducted by the University of Costa Rica, the Costa Rica Ministry of Health, the Latin American Vector Control Network and the Pedro Kouri Institute of Cuba, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito could be developing a resistance to the insecticides that are being used against them. This species of mosquito is one of the transmitters of serious diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue, which seriously affect the health of humans and can become deadly.

It is considered that this resistance has been generated by the proliferation in the use of insecticides and chemical products. Although other alternatives are being investigated to control the population of these transmission agents, such as genetic modification, the finding is nevertheless worrisome.

According to data from the WHO World Health Organization, there are 96 million cases worldwide of Dengue a year. In general, diseases transmitted by insects account for 17% of infectious diseases and generate around 700 thousand deaths each year.

The changing climatic conditions also generate changes in the life of all the inhabitants of the planet. Therefore, adapting our home to make it a comfortable, enjoyable and above all, safe place is a priority.

We can achieve this goal through the installation of architectural supplies such as mosquito nets and pergolas, as they will help us to be prepared for the different environments and keep our family protected.

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