Mosquitoes via postal service

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No, it is not the title of a disaster film in which a threat looms over humanity only to be overcome by a hero, who also saves his dog in the process. The title of this text refers to an experiment done by scientists from New Mexico State University, who have managed to compress up to 240 mosquitoes in a cubic centimeter, that is, the equivalent of 1,200 mosquitoes in a tablespoon.

What is the purpose of this unusual test?

This essay, besidesmaking us aware about the unusual conditions in which mosquitoes can survive, it also serves to spread around the world genetically modified specimens that can help control the great risk that pose these organisms and the diseases they transmit, for the survival of the humanity.

While science finds a better way to deal with mosquitoes, the battle front is in each of our homes and the spaces where we spend time. An effective way to deal with it is the prevention and tranquility that a high quality mosquito net system can bring to your family.

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