Natural airflow in winter?

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The winter holiday season is the coziest of seasons for many. The cold weather associated with winter invites you to keep warm inside your house and there is really no better way to do this than being surrounded by loved ones.

However, after a couple of days of living closed off from the elements, the environment can quickly grow thin and stagnate due to the lack of fresh air. Experts agree it is better to endure a little cold than to take a gamble on the risks that stagnant air carries.

Your home was built to have some natural airflow to help refresh indoor air. With a multitude of options in artificial residential climates to choose from, sometimes it is easy to forget the importance and benefit of good, old fashioned fresh air and the benefits and well-being it offers our bodies.

In addition, stagnant air gradually has a lower level of oxygenation derived from our own natural processes. Opening the windows to let some fresh air in, at least a little each morning, helps control the humidity, eliminates microorganisms such as mold, concentrated gases and other suspended particles.

Therefore, even in winter it is advisable to ventilate your home naturally. This will protect your family in a way that a/c and other airflow devices can’t.

An additional level of protection could be the modern systems of mosquito nets: they prevent insects from coming in, reducing the risk of catching the diseases that they transmit. These screens can also filter the air of certain particles with their capture system, and they can even help reduce the effect of UV rays on your furniture and decoration.

If it wasn’t enough, natural airflow also helps reduce the impact of changing environments going from outdoors to indoors back and forth. This causes the proliferation of respiratory diseases not only in winter but throughout the year. Oh! And you’ll notice big savings in your electricity bill by reducing the use of a/c.

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