Oversized Screens in Interior Design

Architectural supplies

Today, tendencies in interior design allow the mixture of two or more styles through textures, colors and a special theme for each part of a home. The objective is to convert the space in a more comfortable and relaxing one.

For example, in the upper image we can appreciate a gorgeous living room in ochre tones that promotes relaxation. However, an excess of sun in a summer evening could alter the tranquility of this place. One of the Luxury Screen's oversized screens could be the perfect solution.

The oversized screens have become an aesthetic and dynamic solution when is the excess of the sin what you are trying to control but without compromising the home's ventilation and natural illumination. In the long run this represents a magnificent energy saving since you are avoiding air conditioned and artificial illumination.

Remember that in Luxury Screens we are open to help you with the aim of creating truly comforting spaces in your home. Contact us, we work in all Mexico.

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