Pergola, A Lasting Name

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Pergolas are very beautiful architectural elements that provide shade and protection from the sun’s rays in outdoor spaces. They have aesthetic virtues, they give a sense of comfort and coziness, they are also very versatile, since they adapt to different styles of decoration and different accessories can be used, such as climbing plants, candelabra, even fabrics and curtains. Now-a-days, they can be installed with glass ceilings or polycarbonate. There is also the case of our rotating pergolas, whose state of the art bioclimatic technology allows with the push of a button to enjoy the outdoors without the small inconveniences of weather getting in the way, as the components of the pergola rotate, turning the space into a covered place.
Although pergolas began to be used since the ancient Greek and Roman times, the use of the word didn’t spread out until the Renaissance. The name is of Italian origin and at the same time, it derives from the Latin word pergula, which means “balcony” or “gallery”. It is a structure composed of ceiling beams arranged in a reticular way, supported by pillars. The structure is completed with another item called cabio that finishes shaping the pergola.
The presence of pergolas in architecture and decoration has been constant throughout the centuries. You can see them in English style naturalist gardens in the 18th and 19th century, in terraces of old houses in Greece, Rome and Europe in general; in beach houses in Latin America and emblematic sites of Mexico. They have been made of different materials, such as bricks, wood, bamboo, metal, and have now evolved to PVC, like the Decorative Pergolas that Luxury Screens has for your architectural project.
Luxury Screens offers high-end architectural supplies that add value to your home or business. Made with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, our products promote energy efficiency, generate comfort, are functional and provide a beautiful style thanks to their luxurious finishes. In addition, they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.
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