Pergolas for Gardens

Architectural supplies

Summer is near and along it the possibility of really enjoying our garden after a long day by having quality time outside our home. With Luxury Screen's pergolas you and your family are able to enjoy yourselves in a space filled with tranquility.

There's something about summer days that invites you to spend your afternoons with your family or organizing meals with friends on weekends. In order to make our garden a more comfortable and pleasant place, pergolas have become a fundamental element.

They can be used in different tones of colors, it depends of the impact and theme you want to accomplish. Just have in mind that you have to combine with the natural elements of your garden and the colors that the furniture or other accessories have and you already own.

Remember that in Luxury Screens we are open to help you with the aim of creating truly comforting spaces in your home. Contact us, we work in all Mexico.

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