Pergolas For Roof Garden: Beautiful House With Ocean Views!

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Roof garden pergolas are your best option! Transform your roof garden into an oasis of comfort and style with a pergola. These structures not only expand the possibilities of your space but also allow you to unleash your creativity. We installed a motorized bioclimatic pergola in a house with sea views. This pergola transforms your outdoor space into a spectacular roof garden.  

In the video, the bioclimatic pergola has three columns, each manipulated independently. This feature allows you to adjust each column according to your preferences.

 4 Benefits Of Installing A Pergola In Outdoor Spaces 

Create a cozy atmosphere that reflects your style and personality, and enjoy unforgettable moments outdoors. Add a touch of distinction and sophistication to your roof garden with a pergola that will become the center of attention in your space. We share four benefits that will not only improve the functionality of your space but will also make it your favorite space. 

1. Increase Useful Space 

Pergolas can delimit different areas in your roof garden, creating specific spaces for eating, relaxing, or working, helping you to use the available space and create a more organized and welcoming environment. Instead of being locked in an office, you can work in the roof garden, making working hours more pleasant

2. Protection Against The Sun 

A pergola on your roof garden will protect you from the sun on hot days, allowing you to enjoy the space even during the hours of the highest solar intensity. At Luxury Screens, we offer PVC and motorized bioclimatic pergolas. With motorized bioclimatic pergolas, you can open or close the panels with a single click, depending on your preferences. 

3. Improves Ventilation 

Pergolas promote air circulation, creating a cooler and more pleasant atmosphere in your roof garden. On hot, humid days, this is especially important. 

 4. Personalized Decoration 

Installing a pergola on your roof garden allows you to decorate the space to your liking. You can include furniture or plants to create a natural and cozy atmosphere. You can add lighting to your pergola to create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere at night. You can install LED lights or garlands to create a magical and relaxing atmosphere. 

Pergolas for Roof Garden - Luxury Screens

Pergolas For Roof Garden: Make Your Project A Reality 

A pergola may be ideal if you have an outdoor space and want to maximize its potential. At Luxury Screens, we offer a variety of pergola types: 

 PVC Pergolas: 

  • They have fine finishes and are weather-resistant. 
  • The material is environmentally friendly and requires no maintenance. 
  • Integrated motorized side screens provide greater comfort and functionality. 

Motorized Bioclimatic Pergolas: 

  • They offer automated light and shadow control to suit your preferences. 
  • They feature sleek, modern designs and custom finishes, adding a touch of style to your space. 
  • They are light and durable, guaranteeing a resistant structure that lasts over time. 

Contact us to share details about your project! We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life and turn your outdoor space into a unique and welcoming environment.