PetDFence Screens

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As any pet owner knows, when your dog is outside, he wants to be inside. And when he’s inside, there is nothing more important to him that getting outside immediately. As owners, we can handle these little quirks from our four legged buddies, but the screen doors and windows in our homes are another story. Dogs and cats scratching at or jumping up on screens has always been a leading cause of tears and rips, leading to homeowner frustration and a lot of “bad dog” time outs.

But now Luxury Screens offers the ideal solution for homes with pets with PetDFence patented screen fabric. PetDFence Screens are ultra-strong screens that are impressively resistant to the tears and damage often caused by household pets. Available in a charcoal color, these screens are heavier and more durable than fiberglass or aluminum screens yet still make attractive addition to any window, door, porch or gazebo.

For added safety, PetDFence screens all receive a flame retardant coating during the manufacturing process and are simple and easy to install.

Give your pets the freedom to enjoy the outdoors….and then the indoors….and then the outdoors again without worry about damage to your home. Contact us for more details on PetDFence screens today.

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