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VistaView Retractable Mosquito Screen

Ideal for large dimensions and extended areas. It is a single screen mesh of high quality and durability. Resistant to moderate wind pressure. Ideal for windows, bi-fold doors, lift doors, sliding pocket doors, and applications for square openings.

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Innovative system, functional and durable for large doors and windows.

Single screen that provides clear, unobstructed views. Other products achieve their size using multiple intermediate panels that compromise the range of vision. VistaView has high-end and world-class standards.


  • Effective barrier against insects.
  • Controlled ventilation and thermal comfort.
  • Solar control technology prevents UV rays.
  • Elegant and sophisticated design to compliment any architectural style.
  • Promotes energy saving by taking advantage of natural light.
  • Clear view without obstruction.
  • The mosquito net disappears from view when not in use.
  • Contemporary, elegant designs and fine finishes.
  • Professional installation by our experts.
  • Ideal for home and commercial applications.


  • Innovative Captured Mesh technology that holds the mesh to the profile.
  • Auto stop system for easy handling and functionality.
  • Withstand winds of up to 120 km/h.
  • Option with drowned or flush rail.
  • High durability in its components.
  • Long-lasting electrostatic painting.
  • Continental and Renolit wood finish with a 5-year guarantee.
  • Three-year warranty on mechanical parts.
  • Harmonious integration to doors and windows.
  • Discreet design in profiles and fine finishes.

Individual system: 80 mm box / Standard mesh: 4.20m long by 3.36m high. 

Double system: 80 mm central closing box / Standard mesh: 8.5m long by 3.40m in height. 

*Special applications, consult your technical advisor. 

Finishes – Electrostatic painting & Foliated.
Jet Black
Golden Oak
Oxford gray
Dark brown

And others on request.



Multi-sliding gates. 
Folding doors. 


Square application. 
Cancels minimalist lines. 
Lift doors. 


-The VistaView rolling mosquito screen extends from 4 to 6 meters in length and up to 3.36 meters high, making it one of the largest retractable screens on the market.

Is one of our customers’ favorite insect screen systems due to its technology, design and efficient operation.


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VistaView in Viñedo de Parras

Installation of VistaView in State of Mexico.