Protect yourself from the sun! Excess radiation can be very damaging

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We all yearn for summer days. Warmer weather, enjoying our family on the terrace, feeling the sun's rays on your skin … a quiet afternoon to recover strength in the face of everyday routine. But it’s important to learn how to protect oneself. Although solar radiation is a fundamental part of the miracle of life and triggers necessary processes for our bodies, it can also have unpleasant consequences.

Maybe you do not consider consequences being more serious than an excessive tan or minor dehydration; but not being prepared to withstand a scorching sun can lead to dizziness, serious skin lesions, sunstroke and even eye damage, immune system damage and skin cancer.

According to information from various international organizations*, radiation in the range 7 of the UV index (IUV) is considered high. In May 2014, in Mexico City, radiation has been experienced up to level 15, while on the scale anything higher than level 11 is considered extremely high.

It is precisely the fifth month of the year in which the levels of the IUV are usually the highest each year. It was recently announced that the capital of Mexico reached a radiation level of 14 during this month of 2018.

Recommendations to avoid the most serious complications of exposure to sunlight are to limit the time you are out in the open, especially during the middle of the day; using physical barrier blockers and as much as possible use full-leg and protective clothing when required. The protection of children is also essential because their skin is much more sensitive.

In any case, looking for shade is essential, because although recommended maximum exposure times cannot be guaranteed, the intense rays of the sun will have an effect on you. And it is important to know that this type of radiation penetrates the atmosphere even on cloudy days.

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– * World Health Organization, World Meteorological Organization, United Nations Environment Program and International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.