Protecting Your Home from Solar Rays

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Protecting your home from the sun is important for many reasons. Hot solar rays heat up your house in the summer resulting in increased spending on costly air conditioning. Solar rays can also fade and damage your furniture and household fabrics and even cause skin damage while indoors. It makes sense to protect your home from damaging solar rays and Luxury Screens has some suggestions on how to keep your home comfortable:

1) Install window screens with a solar protective fabric.
Window screens are an excellent way of not only protecting your home and family from damaging solar rays but they also protect your home from insects. With vector-borne illnesses on the rise, window screens with solar protection are a smart investment in your family’s health and comfort.

2) Install a louvered roof or pergola over patio spaces.
These will not only help to shade the interior of your home from direct sunlight, but they will also greatly increase both your enjoyment of your home and its value.

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