PVC Pergolas: From Rooftop To Functional And Attractive Roof Garden! 

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PVC pergolas offer a stylish and weather-resistant solution for outdoor comfort. Today, we want to talk to you about one of our installations: a PVC pergola on a building with a roof terrace. 

Transformation Of A Building Roof Into A Unique Oasis 

The rooftop project had a large, spacious area. Our client wanted to use a portion of this to create a functional space. The image below shows the space is like a blank canvas, ready to give life to something new. Our client wanted to offer something unique to the building’s inhabitants, so despite other possible uses, they opted to utilize the space differently. 

Our client wanted a space where he could read, have meetings, work, or relax with a good book, all while enjoying the fresh air. So, the Luxury Screens team got to work, taking precise measurements and carefully reviewing every detail to ensure proper execution. 

After discussing some options, the client chose a PVC pergola with the design of his liking. As you can see in the photos, it looks like wood. PVC pergolas are lighter than wooden ones and, in addition, can imitate their appearance, which allows maintaining the aesthetics of the environment. In addition to the pergola, the team installed a 9mm Sol Lite glass, making it useful during rainy days. This glass also filters UV rays, regulates heat, and lets in natural light. 

The combination of the PVC pergola and the glass turned this space into a pleasant area, equipped with chairs, a cabinet with some drinks, and even a grill for those days when you want to enjoy a delicious meal. Thanks to the installation of the pergola and its decoration, an ordinary roof terrace was transformed into a roof garden with infinite possibilities to create a functional space. 

Turn Your Rooftop Into An Urban Oasis With PVC Pergolas 

Roofs of buildings, apartments, or houses: PVC pergolas adapt to the measurements of your space, offering a versatile and aesthetic solution to create cozy outdoor environments. If you have a space like this, do not hesitate to contact us so we can advise you and recommend the best way to take advantage of it. 

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