Regulate the Entrance of Light in the Different Areas of Your Home


Sunlight is undoubtedly an element that many people appreciate. The entrance of natural light will always make an area look wider, more open and will add much more life compared to a room that only receives artificial light.

But the excess of sunlight can also cause the deterioration of different elements like the fabrics of your furniture, your curtains, or your wood flooring. Therefore, it is important that your home counts on the  ideal tools to regulate light in the best way, so that you can enjoy sunny days while at the same time making sure that the furniture and other elements of your home (both indoors and outdoors) can always remain looking like new.

That's why at Luxury Screens we have solutions that could help you facilitate this balance, and here are some of them:


The exterior of your home is an area where you can also regulate the entrance of light, especially for those who have lounging spaces in their gardens. For these areas, we recommend the installation of a pergola such as the Louvered Roof, which has high technology mechanisms that position its panels so that light can enter directly or indirectly, depending on the day and the preference of each person.

Mosquito Screens:

The function of these elements is not only limited to keeping insects outside the house, they also have fabrics capable of considerably reducing the impact of sunlight, while at the same time allowing you a view of your garden. Mosquito screens are one of the most versatile items you can find in terms of home wellness solutions.

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