Retractaview roll-up mosquito screen: versatility and efficiency in every space

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When you design your architectural projects, consider adding efficient and functional mosquito screens in the spaces to guarantee the comfort and protection of those who live in the property. The placement of mosquito screens that prevent the passage of dust and insects inside the property is an important measure of prevention of diseases transmitted by annoying bugs and polluting particles.

In the past, when we talked about mosquito screens, we thought of those traditional, unsightly structures with limited functionality that, in most cases, prevented doors and windows from being completely closed or opened. In addition, traditional mosquito screens face two difficult challenges to solve: their non-personalized designs lessen the appearance of the door or window; and second, they are not strong enough to withstand constant daily use.

Thanks to technological innovations, at Luxury Screens we have at your disposal a wide range of roll-up mosquito screens that adapt to the needs of your projects. Such is the case of the Retractaview roll-up mosquito screen, the most convenient and efficient solution that takes care of even the smallest detail of functionality and elegant aesthetics in your property.

Retractaview welcomes you to a world of contemporary comfort, protection and custom designs. Its high quality and durable components guarantee environments that improve the lifestyle of those who inhabit the properties.

Among its main attributes are:

  • Retractaview is ideal for sliding, tilt-and-turn, and projection windows; For sliding doors, multi-leaf sliding doors, double opening casements, entry doors and French doors.
  • Mosquito screen allow controlled ventilation, the passage of natural light and energy saving. They also protect against UV rays.
  • Modern and elegant designs that integrate harmoniously with the architecture of doors and windows.
  • Retractaview does not obstruct the view and while it is not in use, it retracts completely thanks to its engineering and the design of its sides.
  • Its Glide Smooth technology allows for effortless operation and reduced speed.
  • The mosquito screen is replaceable. It has an ergonomic handle for comfort and low profiles that prevent tripping.
  • It’s manufactured to suit your needs and it’s installed by our experts.
  • Available sizes are: single sidewall up to 1.75m wide by 3.05m high. Double central zipper mosquito screen: 3.40 m wide by 3.05 m high. Minimum screen size: 45 cm wide and high.

The Retractaview Roller Mosquito Screen takes versatility and protection to another level. It preserves the interior temperature, adds value to the property, enables spaces and increases their functionality. Thanks to its durable materials and fine finishes, your architectural projects will transform the lives and experiences of those who live in them.

Luxury Screens is a pioneering and leading company, specializing in the manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art mosquito screen systems. Learn more about our wide range of roll-up mosquito screens.