Roll-up mosquito screens: the smart and necessary solution in your home or business

Luxury Screens
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Luxury Screens cares about you and your needs. We know that you require protected spaces that provide well-being and aesthetic harmony to your lifestyle. Without a doubt, roll-up mosquito screens are the smart and necessary solution that protects you against annoying insects that not only transmit diseases, but also won’t let you rest. Our roll-up mosquito screens provide comfort, are a barrier against dust, bring style and functionality to each space, promote energy savings and solar control.

Spring and summer are times of the year in which the insect population that transmits malaria, dengue or the Zika virus increase. On the other hand, frequent exposure to the sun’s rays can also cause irreversible damage to the skin. Likewise, not having adequate ventilation in the spaces not only triggers different diseases in the short and medium term, but it also affects the state of the properties. At Luxury Screens we are aware of these and other challenges in the industry. Therefore, with the precise technological innovations in each space of your home or business, you can tackle these challenges.

Thanks to their solar control technology compatible with PassivHaus, the mosquito screens provide protection from UV rays, maintain ideal atmospheric conditions indoors, and reduce energy consumption. that is, you depend less on artificial air conditioning and take advantage of sunlight without risks.

They allow efficient ventilation and air renewal in spaces, fundamental aspects in these times. Adequate air circulation reduces the risk of triggering respiratory diseases and allows droplets and viral particles that may be suspended in the environment to disperse. The cutting-edge technology of our roll-up mosquito screens allows air circulation and at the same time, maintains thermal comfort indoors; That is, they generate intelligent, environmentally-friendly ventilation.

The solutions we provide to our clients are not limited to door screens or window screens, we offer special screen systems for terraces. The Horizon Large Roller Mosquito Net is a great leap in quality in the industry, thanks to its cutting-edge engineering and technology. With this solution, you will enjoy your outdoor life to the fullest. It does not obstruct your view and you transform your outdoor spaces into multifunctional places.

Our mosquito screens have fine finishes and discreet profiles that are perfectly suited to any architectural style and interior design. They are synonymous with maximum sophistication and harmony in spaces.

Luxury Screens is a pioneering and leading company, specialized in the manufacture and installation of next-generation pergolas and mosquito screen systems. Get to know our wide range of products and start transforming your spaces and quality of life!